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Jeri's Background as a Coach, Choreographer, Professional Skater, & Amateur Skater


Jeri's Background as a Coach, Choreographer, Professional Skater, & Amateur Skater

Coaching Highlights:

Teaching full time or over 20 years.

Taught National Medalists and International Level competitors.

Coached many Regionals medalists as well as sectional level competitors.

Coaching NQS, IJS, 6.0, MITF, & LTS.  Also Qualifying & non qualifying events.

Double Gold Medalist in Senior Figures & Senior Freestyle

Started kids from beginner levels and coached them through to high level competitions.

Coaching Compliance Completed 2022-23:

Safe sport certified

2022-2023 Category A Coach with CER's Completed

Background check completed annually

Current PSA Member with Coaching Liability Insurance

Current USFS & Learn to Skate member.

Added Education:

Associate in the Arts Degree.  Plus added graphic design college work.

Choreography Highlights:

2004-2019 Choreographed for multiple regional medalists & sectional competitors.

2003 Choreographed program for the World Tour for US National Pair Champtions Tiffany Scott & Phil Dulebohn.

2001 Choreographed short program for Novice Ladies National Champion Kelsey Drewel.

1992 Coached & Choreographed for Junior Ladies National Silver Medalist.

1998-2003 Choreographed at the University of Deleware for National and International level competitors.

2003-2009 Coached at Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Canton, MI. Taught all levels there from Beginner to Senior Ladies competitive skaters.

Professional Skating Highlights:

1993-2000 Toured professionally for 8 years.

1999-2000 Holiday on Ice Colors Tour-toured throughout Germany-Lead

1999 The Next Ice Age Rockefeller Center Performance-Ensemble Cast

1999 Royal Caribbean Cruise Voyager Ice Show

1998 Brian Boitano's Skating Kicks Back Television Special-Soloist and performed a trio with Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano and Canadian National Champion Jose Chuinard.

1998 Santa Rosa Christmas Show-Soloist

1998 The Next Ice Age Performance at Duke University-Ensemble Cast

1998 Willie Bietak Productions-Villa Hermosa, Mexico-Soloist

1997-98 Torvill & Dean Winter Tour throught the UK-Solist

1997 The Kennedy Center Opera House Performance-Ensemble Cast with Olympic Champion Dorothy     Hamill

1995-97 The Wizard of Oz on Ice Tour-played the role of Dorothy for 2 years-Toured North America

1996 Great America Ice Show in San Francisco, CA-Soloist

1995 Bush Gardens Ice Show in Tampa, FL-Soloist

1995 Dade County Youth Fair Ice Show, FL-Soloist

1994 Dorothy Hamill Crown Professional Competition-Champion-Won the ladies event.

1994 Cinderella on Ice with Dorothy Hamill-Show in Branson, MO-Soloist

1994 US Open Pro Competition Challenge Cup Champion-Final Round 4th place behind World Champion Yuka Sato.

1994 Power on Ice Corporate Show in Sun Valley, ID-Soloist-Organized by Craig Heath

1993-94 Dorothy Hamills Cinderella on IceTour-Soloist-toured the west coast and Canada.

Amateur Skating Highlights:

Competed Internationally for 5 years as a Senior Lady from 1987-1991.

Competed at US Nationals for 8 years in a row from 1984-1991.

Competed at Sectionals 9 times.

Competed at Regionals 11 times.


1991 Senior Ladies US National Competitor-top ten

1991 Senior Ladies Southwest Regionals 1st place

1990 Senior Ladies US Nationals 5th place finish, World Team Alternate

1990 Senior Ladies Pacific Coast Sectionals 2nd place

1990 Senior Ladies Southwest Regional 1st place

1989 Senior Ladies US Nationals Figures 2nd place

1989 Senior Ladies US Naitonals Freeskate-withdrew due to injury


1988 Olympic Alternate-Senior Ladies US Nationals 4th place

1988 Olympic Festival Bronze Medalist-West Team

1988 Skate Electric International Competition in England-1st place

1988 Trophie Lalique International Competition in France-4th place

1988 Skate America International Competition in USA-5th place

1988 Senior Ladies Pacific Coast Sectionals-3rd place


1987 Senior Ladies Golden Spin of Zagreb International Competition-1st place-won most outstanding performance award for the entire competition


1987 Junior Ladies National Champion

1987 Performed in the Exhibition of Champions at Nationals

1987 Junior Ladies Pacific Coast Sectionals-1st place

1987 Performed at Harvard University for the Jimmy Fund Ice Show


1987 Junior Ladies Soutwest Regionals-1st place

1986 Junior Ladies US Nationals-7th place

1986 Junior Ladies Midwestern Sectionals-3rd place

1986 Junior Ladies Eastern Great Lakes Regionals-2nd place


1985 Junior Ladies US Nationals-1st place in the short-7th place overall

1984 Novice Ladies US Nationals-2nd place

1984 Novice Ladies Midwestern Sectionals-1st place


1982 Intermediate Ladies Eastern Great Lakes Regionals-1st place

1981 Juvenile Ladies Eastern Great Lakes Regionals-2nd place

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