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Video Highlights of Jeri's Amateur & Professional Skating

Quick bio:

I have been teaching all levels of ice skating for over 20 years, and the last 14 years have been in the Seattle area. 


Before settling down to teach full time in 2000,  I skated professionally for 8 years; traveling all over North America, parts of South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.  


I have taught all intensities of skating from the beginner to the National & international levels. 


My philosophy is pretty simple after 20 years of teaching:

Keep the lessons moving, keep the kids challenged, and let's have a lot of fun while we are multitasking goals with progress.

It's always my goal the kids feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

Skating can become an extreme sport, but it doesn't have to be.

There are many options to consider:

Exhibitions, shows, competitions, testing, or just for movement.

The goal is to find what is most fun for your child, and go from there. :-)


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