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Video Highlights of Jeri's Amateur & Professional Skating

Jeri has been teaching students of all levels for over 19 years, and she has been coaching in the Seattle area since 2009.


Before settling down to teach full time in 2000,  Jeri skated professionally for 8 years traveling all over North America, parts of South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.  


She manages both high and medium intensity students.  

If you are familiar with skating terminology, than means she teaches NQS, IJS, 6.0, qualifying, & non qualifying events, testing, as well as shows.  


She also starts beginners at the Learn to Skate level which is the very foundation where all kids begin.


Lessons are balanced between technique & creativity.

Her main goal is to keep skating fun for the kids, keep it challenging every day, and always keep her students learning and growing.   With all of those things in mind,  Jeri keeps a structured teaching style day to day to help students maximize their potential to meet their individual goals.


Congratulations to Holly Zhu.  2020 Senior Ladies PNW Regional Silver Medalist.

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